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Insider Tips for New York

It’s no secret that there is a definite lack of retail/ food/coffee shops/ grocery stores and anything that one may need at the drop of a hat, on the far East side of the 93306 in Bakersfield. What happens when you just can’t drive into town for that weekly grocery trip or need an emergency medication late at night? Well, don’t worry. Take a look at these tips that will help in a crunch.

For Groceries:

Vons grocery store delivers to your HOME! Yes, you read that right. You can get online and shop, shop, shop. All items are available online that would be available to you in the store. Even the unconventional items such as: diapers, lotions, makeup and even bouquets of flowers. For a small fee, Vons will delivery to your doorstep and even help unload all the groceries into your kitchen. You’re welcome.

For Emergency Medication:

Walgreeens is probably going to be the safest bet for a large selection of medications, but that may be too far when you are in a crunch. Did you know that Chevron gas station located on Hwy 178 near Mesa Marin has a decent medicine supply? They have all the staples: Tylenol, Ibprofuen, Pepto-Bismol, Sinus and Allergy medicine, while also carrying Children’s Ibuprofen for those late night fevers. So, when you are in a pickle, give Chevron a try for those late/emergency medicine trips.

A good restaurant meal:

The Far East-Side is seriously lacking in the restaurant department. Anita’s is the one and only restaurant that is offered past the Fairfax exit on Hwy 178. Anita’s is a Mexican restaurant that seems to have a strong dinner base on weekends and pulls a pretty good crowd for their Sunday Brunch. But what if you don’t feel like Mexican? Well, every Friday night the Rio Bravo Country Club offers a prime dinner from 6-8p.m. which is open to the public. The meal is served buffet style and is all you can eat. The meal is always served with clam chowder, which honestly is heaveanly, and a full salad bar. The Friday night menu changes every Friday, so there will always be variety. The price for this meal is $15.00

Well, there they are 93306. Hopefully these tips help when in a bind or crunch. And while we wait for local retail, businesses and restaurants to begin making their way out to the Far East Side, lets sit back and enjoy the view. There may be a lack of resources in the Far East but there isn’t a lack of peace, calm and beauty.

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